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About GeoPackrat

This site seeks to explore ways in which Google Earth, Google Maps, and other GIS technologies can be used in the classroom.  While the focus is on educational uses, other personal uses of GIS systems may be presented from time to time.

Tom Taylor is the Director of Technology for District Five Schools of Spartanburg, South Carolina, and an avid map collector, hence, the name "GeoPackrat."  Tom conducts workshops and classes for teachers on innovative uses of Google Earth and Google Maps in the classroom.  This site was set up as a resource for educators, and to share the handouts and files used in Tom's presentations.

Tom is a photographer, kayaker, and history buff.  In addition to classroom uses of Google mapping technology, Tom uses these services to geotag photographs, mark paddling routes, and to track locations of historic sites around South Carolina.  He writes about many of these applications on his personal blog, www.randomconnections.com.

Tom Taylor
Director of Technology
District Five Schools of Spartanburg