Welcome to Geopackrat!  This is a resource for educators using Google Earth and Google Maps.  Files and links to other Google Earth resources are posted regularly.

What Is It?

Google Earth Campus - Hi ResolutionGoogle Earth is a virtual globe that combines satellite imagery, 3D modeling, Google Maps, data from Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and the power of Google search for a comprehensive view of the earth. With Google Earth, the user can zoom into specific locations, change the angle of tilt to see 3D landforms, and show locations such as restaurants, historic sites, and other locations of interest.

Most of the earth is low resolution imagery, but some places, such as major metropolitan areas, offer much higher resolution.

The images are not in real-time.  Most images are two to three years old.  Overhead images have been obtained from a variety of sources, including declassified satellite data and commercial aerial imagery.


  • Overhead Satellite and Aerial Imagery
  • Highway Maps
  • Ability to create and save Placemarks and folders
  • Integration with Internet resources
  • 3D Landforms and 3D Buildings
  • Network Connections for real-time data monitoring
  • Tools for measuring and creating paths
  • Ability to create image overlays
  • Access to a community of users who have developed Google Earth applications

Where Do I Get It and How Much Does It Cost?

Basic Google Earth is free to download from earth.google.com.  There are also two different levels of subscription services, each with different levels of features enabled.

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