Curriculum Ideas

Here are just a few ideas for using Google Earth in the Classroom...
  • PowerPoint - Select a theme, such as “Revolutionary War Battlefields in South Carolina.”  Assign one location to each student, or to a group of students.  Each student or group then creates a short PowerPoint presentation on that location.  The PowerPoint files are uploaded to the teacher’s Google Docs account, then embedded into Google Earth for the final project.
  • - Assign each student a city or location.  Using the online poster creation program at, students create a travel poster for their location.  These posters can then be embedded into a single Google Earth project by the teacher.
  • - Narrated geographical autobiography - Students create placemarks in Google Earth for locations in their life, such as where they were born, where their parents were born, other cities that they have lived, favorite vacation spots, where they went to summer camp, etc.  Using the online audio recording tool at, students record a description of that place, then use the embed code to include the audio file in the placemark.
  • Use the Day/Night indicator button to teach primary grade students about time zones and rotation of the earth.
  • Overlay historic maps and diagram on top of current maps to chart historical changes.
  • Use the historic images button to chart urban and suburban sprawl.
...and if that weren't enough, here are 25 more ways to use Google Earth and 12 ways to use Google Maps in the Classroom from Tom Barrett's Interesting Ways collection: